Monday, April 25, 2011


"growing up as a young buck, there wasn't too much that i could touch. and i was in a rush to get a taste of the good life. and people told me i was a waste of a good life. and i would not escape living the hood life. but yo, life is hell and that's grown to be expected. the only way to cope with the pain is to accept it. times is hectic, we grow up quick. endure the hardships and watch our skin grow thick. in turn. you gotta learn my heads as hard as a brick, so can't nobody ever tell me shit. and that's the truth. as youth i hated all of you with a passion. those who never stood in my shoes would be laughing and cracking jokes while their two folks raked in the dough. x-mas 86' niggas had nintendo. word is bond, i ain't have shit...i had pretendo, and at show and tell i ain't have shit to show" E-Town Concrete

The above lyrics are taken from a band that came out of a ghetto in New Jersey. Although the places,peoples and dates are different, the living style is very much that of two "young bucks" from the Sunshine Coast.

Jake Stone, physically more talented then the "circus de soleil", came from the traitorous slums of maroochydore where hordes of cock head stand up surfers where at every corner just waiting to drop a "esky lidder" call, and where flat tyres on your treadly seemed to come around more often then sundays. There was northerlies that brought in blue bottles and southerlies that brought brisso's (dicks from the city). Waves were as fickle as the amount of chips you could get for $2. Travelling for waves became his only means of progression.... this was not easy, yet through sheer charm and like-ability he was able to defy the common law that groms weren't to accompany the older crew on south road trip missions. And before you knew it things were on the up and up sponsorships, world travels, movies..... and possibly biggest of all a soon to be world wide received mega BLOG.

Cody Turnbull,............. Probably less said the better. Let's just say his mediocre self is riding the success of his friend and has been invited along to write for this blog of jay-z proportion.

We will update it as often as possible with photos, clips, stories and anything else that can be used to entertain. We don't want to much but there is some pretty big player getting on board "cough""red bull" "cough""waner bros" "cough" "wall street" "cough" "the entire economy of china" "cough" "hopefully a cough medicine company cause this cough is sore as hell" not really there is no cough, those coughs are being put on to create the effect of under the table dealings.....doesn't really have the same affect on paper as it does in spoken word.... and if you missed your chance to get in early on the indie movement let it be known now this is your chance to get in early on something of that size, possibly bigger..... emo big.

So sit back, relax and enjoy... or stand up or lay down or assume any position we aren't bias just make sure it is one in which u can see your computer screen enough to enjoy the content in front of you.

Your unbiasedly El dos pod