Saturday, July 9, 2011

negative stuff

I have slipped this over from my other blog because im currently brain dead and haven't had a thought little own a creative thought in about 2 weeks..... hope this makes y'all laugh.

I was having an intelligent conversation with a group of really smart people today about regrets and self esteem.. and by intelligent and group I mean meaningless and talking to myself in the shower because i get bored so quick in the shower but i love being in there.

So i started thinking about things that have pissed me off or i regret doing or just anything ball park negative. In no order these are some of the points that were raised and discussed :

> I'm not into the world ending next year, although im sure my peak passed me around age 15 i like to believe 2013 will be if not a peak year at least a rise in sales for what ever im selling.... and how fucked would it be if no one came to your funeral because they too are busy getting there entombment on.

>Last week some one referred to me in present tense as being knee high to a grass hopper short jokes are usually something i beat people too but this one blindsided me and i've been tippy toeing around ever since... cheers nan

>I regret not masturbating before big - medium decisions, rationality is thrown out the window when your lower half is controlling your thoughts.

>Sleep- is anyone getting on its good side, if so how? slash/ is insomnia indie?

>Imagine if wingeing was never invented and stoked was all you could be, how much better people would be..... "just got hit by a bus, least i didnt die" type attitude or even "just died, least i didnt have to go through the traumatic experience of getting hit by a bus"

>Typing a couple paragraphs about things your wingeing about, then contradicting yourself at the end of it.....

(something funny and irrelevant to whats written above) hahaha lol rofl headies sign(in that order)

Cody EDP out

Saturday, June 25, 2011

the footage

got around to putting the footage together.... check this editing shit is insane

Friday, June 17, 2011


Surfed south straddie this afternoon and took out the pole for a bit of footage.... Here's a little frame grab.
Stand up boogie possible the next sport nike will invest in eh? Bit of fog in the case and some water on the ousted but you get the drift

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gold Class more like Mould Ass... am I right?... am I right?

Jake convinced me to spend thirty five large ones on going and seeing X men the other night at inaalooooooo gold class cinemas, citing "gold class is something everyone has too do before they die". After doing this apparent bucket list chore I think a more justifiable statement would of been "if you want to die, you should try gold class". I mean, off the bat it was 35 clams which last time I checked will get you 3 bingtang tallies, a bounty fish bowl, 2 cheese japples(not to be mistaken with the english jaffle) and a massage that ends happily....... in indo. Secondly the dude behind us took his shoes off, and I wasn't aware of this till now but, the more surface area of the foot the more smell you can permeate. This guy had shaq size feet and the last time he wore socks with shoes im pretty sure buzz aldrin was realising that maybe the ladies before gents call he had just made on neil wasn't as funny when outside that door was the moon (fuck that simile went longer than planned). Any way his feet stunk so much, so me and jake had too move.... this did not work, he had stunk the hole cinema out.... thennnnn people started ordering dinners and shit and I swear the menu was devised on foods odours that clash. People in front ordered like a salmon dish that reminded me of group sex, while the person behind us ordered fairyfloss flavoured melted chocolate or something that smelt like that.... All these things would have been bearable if the air-conditioning wasn't 10 degrees lower then outside temp, and considering it's winter in perth at second glance I realised that the waiter were all penguins. So in concluding steer clear of the G-Class it'll get ya

Thursday, June 9, 2011

interview for ocean avenue

While on tour what is the most bizarre situation you experienced?
probably seeing novy wake us all up trying to drag a chick that he had been partying with all night into our room, it was a laugh the next day for sure!

Which body boarder is the most intimidating and why?
TAMEGA! he just reminds me of a lion or something, When he is winning or he is amped i wouldn't be surprised to see him eat someone whole! haha a real competitor and Inspiration.

How do you like to spend your free time in between tour events?
I like to surf alot and watch any good new tv series that are on, I like to run, it clears my mind and keeps me fit. Other than those things just getting up to mischief playing pranks on people or eating.

Tell us a little about competing on tour and what goes on behind the scenes?
everyone is so competitive, everyone has the chance to win a world title so you could imagine the going gets sour every now and then!

Hardships plague any professional athlete, what was yours?
its definitely getting knocked out of the competition, ive cryed, wanted to fight, shit myself, masturbated. made them last two up but yer its fucking a hardtime getting knocked

How do you deal with naysayer’s and the publicity surrounding you?
At the end of the day your not going to let anyone bring you down! you have to have a place you want to go in your life and you have to go there! No matter what kid said you suck, dont think, just do.

Which country are you the most impressed with regarding their body boarding scene?
i would have to say the canary islands, The locals at chile are surfing good at the moment too.

What is the most embarrassing moment you experienced while competing?
Just claiming every waves i would do something good on. It was annoying, watching it on the web after the comp it just looked gay, i dont know why whenever i would land something my arm would just raise in the air hahaha

What qualities does Jake Stone possess that separates him from the rest of the lineup?
I honestly dont know, I enjoy riding waves, always have. I Have a way i want to surf and i am know where near there yet, I guess i will know when i'm there.

If you had a chance to do some thing over in your career what would it be and why?
I couldn't really say, I am happy how everything is going now so i don't know, its one big long learning curve, thats the way its always felt.

How does a fellow body boarder gain your respect?
I remember when i was a grom and i wanted to gain the respect of my elders, I would just wait my turn in the lineup. Thats about it

What are some things you focus on while competing in a heat?
Breathing mainly, hopefully it's one of those heats that just go your way.

How did you get into the body boarding, and who did you admire in our sport growing up?
My brother started before me, he was pretty good and i was really competitive with him, i remember seeing novys first section in visions 1 and telling myself if i get to there in my career i would be happy, Yer novy, jono bruce, ryan hardy, rawlins, skipp, stewart.

What are some things about the body boarding community that irritate you?
The lack of money, hassling in the comps.

What is the most incredible moment you experienced on tour?
Just watching the free surfing in chile, the level was high

For a fellow body boarder looking to get sponsored, what should they be aware of?
It is a long hard road, enjoy the journey and dont expect t all straight away.

Which bone chilling moment during your career freaked you out the most?
I got a big closeout at pipe and i remember getting sucked over onto my neck and i was thinking this is it! the end! but the foam ball flipped me in a second and through me onto my knee busting it up a bit, god knows what would of happened to my neck, it rattled me i was on the shower for an hour thinking after it.

Who are some of the people who inspired you during your lifetime?
My mum, I always looked up to matt lackey a lot, even though i didn't drop knee, Eppo has been the biggest inspiration for me, helped me through thick and thin.

Jake thanks for the interview what would you like to say to every one reading?
thanks for reading, check mine and chris whites new dvd coming out in christmas! Teaser out soon.

Ocean Avenue Surf Shop

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hard times

Quick, brief explanation of the video below... I'm not usually that angry. It had been a long time since Jake had seen me play COD and, after winning I think 900 of the last 901 games against Jai the one that Jake had been around to watch I was beaten. These are trying times for any one addicted to the sweet pleasures of killing your friend over and over again in computer format. But to set the record straight the last time me and jake had played, I was about to head to work and wouldn't see him for a while, so there was some pressure to win for it would be quite some time till we would play again... long story short I schooled him Hollywood style, and he threw the controller so hard it shattered into 100 pieces and I left for work with us on bad terms hahahahahahaha the footage of that would of been so good had I captured it.....

P.S. Me and Jai are single and I'm sure after seeing us sitting on the floor bickering over a computer game and me nervously picking my nose your dying to get all up in our shit.... Don't hesitate to message us on 0431656491.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flock like a salmon or be a legion

jake here, been stranded in santiago airport for over 24 hours now, emotions have been up and down, hopes have been running high! i boarded a flight yesterday afternoon to go home but after 2 hours awaiting the wheels to turn backwards the announcement came, we all would be staying in a hotel the night and catching the same flight the same time the next day, then what do you know? it happend again same shit! maintenance problems! they say. if you know me i am a very calm in heavy situasions like this (ask cody)! its when ur screaming to get off the plane and then somewhone screams alot louder than you, you actually wonder how far to take it? right now i am nothing, trying not to think but only to do, my body clock has shut off i dont know weather its dark or light outside and i dont know when im gonna be home! it gets to a point when ur mind shuts off and your just floating. selflessness! im very pumped to get home to the neish for a while

Monday, May 30, 2011


As far as fresh material for stories I'm lacking at the moment. I considered bringing something over from my blog cause I'm lazy but then I realised it's not really relative to this blog. So if your feeling bored and want to read some stupid stuff, slide over for a glimpse... but hurry back cause I'm sure there will be freshaties back here well soon.

EDP out

P.S. look down, the new clip jake posted is nicer then the pictures of that chick from high school musical nude.

South America

over the past month ive been in south america doing competitions for the iba world tour, overall, I blundered in the competitions but i feel ive learnt alot and had an insane trip! got heaps of insane footage for our next dvd, here is some footage that didnt make the cut its pretty average but a good watch.

south america from jake stone on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're sure you have all seen this already, but considering how good this thing is looking we had no choice but to PLUG it.... Insane clip Mitch.

Hiding From Comfort: Final Tease from FOUNDBOARDS.COM on Vimeo.

Friday, May 20, 2011


here are some grabs from the new vid due early next year! in south america at the moment been filming some bangers the past cpl days check the grabs out:) yew

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Surfing this morning with Mitch in Chiles Arica. I have been in Peru the past week or so, it has had it's moments, Kingy rolled his 4wd by accident, I watched a lot of californacation and surfed a heap! didnt do well in the comp but you get that on these big jobs! heres some Miley Cyrus lyrics to leave on, "theres always gonna be another mountain, your always gonna wanna make it move, always gonna be an uphill battle sometimes your gonna have to lose". no joke, love or hate it, its BLOODY TRUE!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

claudia shiver

Me and nick perry are drunk this guy owns
It's cody btw

Originally the above text was all that was written in this post, but now that me and nick perry aren't drunk and I read back over this with sober eyes the above probably wasn't my most professional post I've ever made. I'm not even talking about the posting that I'm drunk and in a bromance... that I look at with cheery eyes. The part that has me disappointed with myself is the BTW, I'd appreciate it if everyone forgave me for that BTW it was inappropriate and derogatory. I understand that some of you will not be able to forgive me over night but mark my word I promise never to use such a terrible acronym again.

Sincerely your friend and mine
Cody btw EDP

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Double Rolling

So I have been trying some dbl rolls lately mainly because I want to learn how to make them look good and then hopefully create something more valuable out of it. This clip is also to let people know that me and chris white are doing another movie!
EDP out

Jake stone Double roll from jake stone on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here's a funny story, that will lead into an analogy, with a dash of hypocrisy.

So the story part real quickly (and I'm not wording this up any more than I have to, cause quite frankly the fact that this story exists (while comedic) really pisses me off........... but seriously I'll probably end up wording it up) Me and Jake were in a fashionable club in perth city, and now I say fashionable because it looked good, but worked shit house(sorry fashion, but come on your the materialistic "art" form), I turned to Jake and in my husky, masculine voice, with a hint of sultry undertones, (the only tone I have.... It's more of a curse then anything...ladies) Asked him "what the fuck is that dude up too?". The "dude" (dude is a word I'm making big it just means male, feel free to use it) in question wasn't up too much and assumptive me would assume he probably wont ever be up to anything... but, disregarding all the other shit indie cliche's (clear non-perception glasses, rollies.... top pocket, novelty hat, leather shoes that were used in the dark ages for torture) he was showing off like a peacock in full fan, he had....... 6 no less no more but 6 hard cover(who can ever read hard cover and be comfy at the same time)books held together by a tattered brown leather belt slung over his shoulder like it was a jacket and he was James Dean.  I shit you NOT!.

Jakes eyes lit up, he was thinking the same thing as I "here's a laugh", so like moths to the flame we honed in. Jake being the more confident of us introduced himself first as "the second most indie dude on earth" to which book slinger replied "I suppose thats cause I'm first...... maaaaaan, "nah bud your struggling I'm No,1" I said. We then went on to debate with him why we were more indie than him, I was pretty pissed  but I think the points raised in conversation were as follows >

-We don't carry a pouch of tobacco, we carry a tobacco plant. It takes 4 days to prepare one cigarette but, given the fact that we are indie and we have all the time in the world not doing anything but doing it cool as fuck, that doesn't bother us in the slightest.

-We don't wear jeans, we wear the skin of some dead guys legs we filleted of the his corpse an dyed stone wash maroon, no matter the time of day/night, they stay on.

-We don't talk, eat, drink, live, be or have a past present or future because it's too mainstream.

I'm pretty sure by point 2 old mate had bailed to get a red wine and me and jake were just saying it to each other, and like all jokes it was re-used and recycled way past its used by date(as is the case with most of our joke, case and point being its rebirth a year later on this blog)

I know in the title I said something about an analogy, but I just wrote that because it's a dope arse word(yeah you can use dope arse too I stole that off a kayne you tube clip). I think if God and Zeus put aside their qualms with homosexuality, and it's ability to reproduce, then if they had a baby and if it would happen to be born a word, that word would be analogy(it took a long time but I'm glad we got there together...).

EDP out.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't be afraid to follow.

Being the creative word smiths that we are here at El Dos Pod, we have taken the lyrics from Missy Elliot's smash hit "get your freak on" and done some serious switcharoo's to motivate more folks to follow.
So here goes.

Go, get your follow on (*repeat 6X*)
Go, getcha getcha getcha getcha getcha follow on.

I know what your thinking..... Brilliant!!!! 
Don't ask us how we come up with this stuff, it just happens. 

More follows, the more posts, the more posts, the more laughs and entertainment, the more laughs and entertainment, the more prosperous your life will be. So don't be a manager and cock block your life from being prosperous. Click follow.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Killing time on the east coast

here is a clip of me and mitch skating the east coast while the comps were all happening, the weather was rainy on the central coast so we decided to go to an indoor park.

EastSideRepresent from jake stone on Vimeo.

Monday, April 25, 2011


"growing up as a young buck, there wasn't too much that i could touch. and i was in a rush to get a taste of the good life. and people told me i was a waste of a good life. and i would not escape living the hood life. but yo, life is hell and that's grown to be expected. the only way to cope with the pain is to accept it. times is hectic, we grow up quick. endure the hardships and watch our skin grow thick. in turn. you gotta learn my heads as hard as a brick, so can't nobody ever tell me shit. and that's the truth. as youth i hated all of you with a passion. those who never stood in my shoes would be laughing and cracking jokes while their two folks raked in the dough. x-mas 86' niggas had nintendo. word is bond, i ain't have shit...i had pretendo, and at show and tell i ain't have shit to show" E-Town Concrete

The above lyrics are taken from a band that came out of a ghetto in New Jersey. Although the places,peoples and dates are different, the living style is very much that of two "young bucks" from the Sunshine Coast.

Jake Stone, physically more talented then the "circus de soleil", came from the traitorous slums of maroochydore where hordes of cock head stand up surfers where at every corner just waiting to drop a "esky lidder" call, and where flat tyres on your treadly seemed to come around more often then sundays. There was northerlies that brought in blue bottles and southerlies that brought brisso's (dicks from the city). Waves were as fickle as the amount of chips you could get for $2. Travelling for waves became his only means of progression.... this was not easy, yet through sheer charm and like-ability he was able to defy the common law that groms weren't to accompany the older crew on south road trip missions. And before you knew it things were on the up and up sponsorships, world travels, movies..... and possibly biggest of all a soon to be world wide received mega BLOG.

Cody Turnbull,............. Probably less said the better. Let's just say his mediocre self is riding the success of his friend and has been invited along to write for this blog of jay-z proportion.

We will update it as often as possible with photos, clips, stories and anything else that can be used to entertain. We don't want to much but there is some pretty big player getting on board "cough""red bull" "cough""waner bros" "cough" "wall street" "cough" "the entire economy of china" "cough" "hopefully a cough medicine company cause this cough is sore as hell" not really there is no cough, those coughs are being put on to create the effect of under the table dealings.....doesn't really have the same affect on paper as it does in spoken word.... and if you missed your chance to get in early on the indie movement let it be known now this is your chance to get in early on something of that size, possibly bigger..... emo big.

So sit back, relax and enjoy... or stand up or lay down or assume any position we aren't bias just make sure it is one in which u can see your computer screen enough to enjoy the content in front of you.

Your unbiasedly El dos pod