Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gold Class more like Mould Ass... am I right?... am I right?

Jake convinced me to spend thirty five large ones on going and seeing X men the other night at inaalooooooo gold class cinemas, citing "gold class is something everyone has too do before they die". After doing this apparent bucket list chore I think a more justifiable statement would of been "if you want to die, you should try gold class". I mean, off the bat it was 35 clams which last time I checked will get you 3 bingtang tallies, a bounty fish bowl, 2 cheese japples(not to be mistaken with the english jaffle) and a massage that ends happily....... in indo. Secondly the dude behind us took his shoes off, and I wasn't aware of this till now but, the more surface area of the foot the more smell you can permeate. This guy had shaq size feet and the last time he wore socks with shoes im pretty sure buzz aldrin was realising that maybe the ladies before gents call he had just made on neil wasn't as funny when outside that door was the moon (fuck that simile went longer than planned). Any way his feet stunk so much, so me and jake had too move.... this did not work, he had stunk the hole cinema out.... thennnnn people started ordering dinners and shit and I swear the menu was devised on foods odours that clash. People in front ordered like a salmon dish that reminded me of group sex, while the person behind us ordered fairyfloss flavoured melted chocolate or something that smelt like that.... All these things would have been bearable if the air-conditioning wasn't 10 degrees lower then outside temp, and considering it's winter in perth at second glance I realised that the waiter were all penguins. So in concluding steer clear of the G-Class it'll get ya

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