Thursday, June 9, 2011

interview for ocean avenue

While on tour what is the most bizarre situation you experienced?
probably seeing novy wake us all up trying to drag a chick that he had been partying with all night into our room, it was a laugh the next day for sure!

Which body boarder is the most intimidating and why?
TAMEGA! he just reminds me of a lion or something, When he is winning or he is amped i wouldn't be surprised to see him eat someone whole! haha a real competitor and Inspiration.

How do you like to spend your free time in between tour events?
I like to surf alot and watch any good new tv series that are on, I like to run, it clears my mind and keeps me fit. Other than those things just getting up to mischief playing pranks on people or eating.

Tell us a little about competing on tour and what goes on behind the scenes?
everyone is so competitive, everyone has the chance to win a world title so you could imagine the going gets sour every now and then!

Hardships plague any professional athlete, what was yours?
its definitely getting knocked out of the competition, ive cryed, wanted to fight, shit myself, masturbated. made them last two up but yer its fucking a hardtime getting knocked

How do you deal with naysayer’s and the publicity surrounding you?
At the end of the day your not going to let anyone bring you down! you have to have a place you want to go in your life and you have to go there! No matter what kid said you suck, dont think, just do.

Which country are you the most impressed with regarding their body boarding scene?
i would have to say the canary islands, The locals at chile are surfing good at the moment too.

What is the most embarrassing moment you experienced while competing?
Just claiming every waves i would do something good on. It was annoying, watching it on the web after the comp it just looked gay, i dont know why whenever i would land something my arm would just raise in the air hahaha

What qualities does Jake Stone possess that separates him from the rest of the lineup?
I honestly dont know, I enjoy riding waves, always have. I Have a way i want to surf and i am know where near there yet, I guess i will know when i'm there.

If you had a chance to do some thing over in your career what would it be and why?
I couldn't really say, I am happy how everything is going now so i don't know, its one big long learning curve, thats the way its always felt.

How does a fellow body boarder gain your respect?
I remember when i was a grom and i wanted to gain the respect of my elders, I would just wait my turn in the lineup. Thats about it

What are some things you focus on while competing in a heat?
Breathing mainly, hopefully it's one of those heats that just go your way.

How did you get into the body boarding, and who did you admire in our sport growing up?
My brother started before me, he was pretty good and i was really competitive with him, i remember seeing novys first section in visions 1 and telling myself if i get to there in my career i would be happy, Yer novy, jono bruce, ryan hardy, rawlins, skipp, stewart.

What are some things about the body boarding community that irritate you?
The lack of money, hassling in the comps.

What is the most incredible moment you experienced on tour?
Just watching the free surfing in chile, the level was high

For a fellow body boarder looking to get sponsored, what should they be aware of?
It is a long hard road, enjoy the journey and dont expect t all straight away.

Which bone chilling moment during your career freaked you out the most?
I got a big closeout at pipe and i remember getting sucked over onto my neck and i was thinking this is it! the end! but the foam ball flipped me in a second and through me onto my knee busting it up a bit, god knows what would of happened to my neck, it rattled me i was on the shower for an hour thinking after it.

Who are some of the people who inspired you during your lifetime?
My mum, I always looked up to matt lackey a lot, even though i didn't drop knee, Eppo has been the biggest inspiration for me, helped me through thick and thin.

Jake thanks for the interview what would you like to say to every one reading?
thanks for reading, check mine and chris whites new dvd coming out in christmas! Teaser out soon.

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