Saturday, July 9, 2011

negative stuff

I have slipped this over from my other blog because im currently brain dead and haven't had a thought little own a creative thought in about 2 weeks..... hope this makes y'all laugh.

I was having an intelligent conversation with a group of really smart people today about regrets and self esteem.. and by intelligent and group I mean meaningless and talking to myself in the shower because i get bored so quick in the shower but i love being in there.

So i started thinking about things that have pissed me off or i regret doing or just anything ball park negative. In no order these are some of the points that were raised and discussed :

> I'm not into the world ending next year, although im sure my peak passed me around age 15 i like to believe 2013 will be if not a peak year at least a rise in sales for what ever im selling.... and how fucked would it be if no one came to your funeral because they too are busy getting there entombment on.

>Last week some one referred to me in present tense as being knee high to a grass hopper short jokes are usually something i beat people too but this one blindsided me and i've been tippy toeing around ever since... cheers nan

>I regret not masturbating before big - medium decisions, rationality is thrown out the window when your lower half is controlling your thoughts.

>Sleep- is anyone getting on its good side, if so how? slash/ is insomnia indie?

>Imagine if wingeing was never invented and stoked was all you could be, how much better people would be..... "just got hit by a bus, least i didnt die" type attitude or even "just died, least i didnt have to go through the traumatic experience of getting hit by a bus"

>Typing a couple paragraphs about things your wingeing about, then contradicting yourself at the end of it.....

(something funny and irrelevant to whats written above) hahaha lol rofl headies sign(in that order)

Cody EDP out

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