Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hard times

Quick, brief explanation of the video below... I'm not usually that angry. It had been a long time since Jake had seen me play COD and, after winning I think 900 of the last 901 games against Jai the one that Jake had been around to watch I was beaten. These are trying times for any one addicted to the sweet pleasures of killing your friend over and over again in computer format. But to set the record straight the last time me and jake had played, I was about to head to work and wouldn't see him for a while, so there was some pressure to win for it would be quite some time till we would play again... long story short I schooled him Hollywood style, and he threw the controller so hard it shattered into 100 pieces and I left for work with us on bad terms hahahahahahaha the footage of that would of been so good had I captured it.....

P.S. Me and Jai are single and I'm sure after seeing us sitting on the floor bickering over a computer game and me nervously picking my nose your dying to get all up in our shit.... Don't hesitate to message us on 0431656491.

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