Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here's a funny story, that will lead into an analogy, with a dash of hypocrisy.

So the story part real quickly (and I'm not wording this up any more than I have to, cause quite frankly the fact that this story exists (while comedic) really pisses me off........... but seriously I'll probably end up wording it up) Me and Jake were in a fashionable club in perth city, and now I say fashionable because it looked good, but worked shit house(sorry fashion, but come on your the materialistic "art" form), I turned to Jake and in my husky, masculine voice, with a hint of sultry undertones, (the only tone I have.... It's more of a curse then anything...ladies) Asked him "what the fuck is that dude up too?". The "dude" (dude is a word I'm making big it just means male, feel free to use it) in question wasn't up too much and assumptive me would assume he probably wont ever be up to anything... but, disregarding all the other shit indie cliche's (clear non-perception glasses, rollies.... top pocket, novelty hat, leather shoes that were used in the dark ages for torture) he was showing off like a peacock in full fan, he had....... 6 no less no more but 6 hard cover(who can ever read hard cover and be comfy at the same time)books held together by a tattered brown leather belt slung over his shoulder like it was a jacket and he was James Dean.  I shit you NOT!.

Jakes eyes lit up, he was thinking the same thing as I "here's a laugh", so like moths to the flame we honed in. Jake being the more confident of us introduced himself first as "the second most indie dude on earth" to which book slinger replied "I suppose thats cause I'm first...... maaaaaan, "nah bud your struggling I'm No,1" I said. We then went on to debate with him why we were more indie than him, I was pretty pissed  but I think the points raised in conversation were as follows >

-We don't carry a pouch of tobacco, we carry a tobacco plant. It takes 4 days to prepare one cigarette but, given the fact that we are indie and we have all the time in the world not doing anything but doing it cool as fuck, that doesn't bother us in the slightest.

-We don't wear jeans, we wear the skin of some dead guys legs we filleted of the his corpse an dyed stone wash maroon, no matter the time of day/night, they stay on.

-We don't talk, eat, drink, live, be or have a past present or future because it's too mainstream.

I'm pretty sure by point 2 old mate had bailed to get a red wine and me and jake were just saying it to each other, and like all jokes it was re-used and recycled way past its used by date(as is the case with most of our joke, case and point being its rebirth a year later on this blog)

I know in the title I said something about an analogy, but I just wrote that because it's a dope arse word(yeah you can use dope arse too I stole that off a kayne you tube clip). I think if God and Zeus put aside their qualms with homosexuality, and it's ability to reproduce, then if they had a baby and if it would happen to be born a word, that word would be analogy(it took a long time but I'm glad we got there together...).

EDP out.