Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flock like a salmon or be a legion

jake here, been stranded in santiago airport for over 24 hours now, emotions have been up and down, hopes have been running high! i boarded a flight yesterday afternoon to go home but after 2 hours awaiting the wheels to turn backwards the announcement came, we all would be staying in a hotel the night and catching the same flight the same time the next day, then what do you know? it happend again same shit! maintenance problems! they say. if you know me i am a very calm in heavy situasions like this (ask cody)! its when ur screaming to get off the plane and then somewhone screams alot louder than you, you actually wonder how far to take it? right now i am nothing, trying not to think but only to do, my body clock has shut off i dont know weather its dark or light outside and i dont know when im gonna be home! it gets to a point when ur mind shuts off and your just floating. selflessness! im very pumped to get home to the neish for a while

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